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The "Point" at Livermore, Kentucky, on Saturday morning, October 13, 2001.  This is where the Rough River (coming from the left) flows into the Green River (coming from the far background).  Since 1940, the big blue bridge in the background has carried U.S. 431 across both the Rough and the Green.

If you turned to your right, you used to be able to see another bridge, a railroad bridge across the Green about 200 yards downstream from the highway.  It was built in 1871.  A passenger train crosses it in this photo taken from the Point about 1915.  But that bridge is gone now.

In my 2001 photo, how could the pickup truck reach the Point between the rivers?  The best option nowadays is to use the highway bridge to cross both the Rough and the Green, then continue three miles south on 431 and three miles east on Kentucky 85.  At the next upstream bridge, you can cross back over the Green.

However, a ferry used to operate at this spot.

Here are four views, depicting the ferry carrying a car from the Point to the Livermore landing and then embarking on the return trip.

As I noted here, I actually took the first two photos myself in 1956.  I found the other two online recently.


About 25 years earlier, someone climbed up onto the pier of the railroad bridge and photographed the ferry on its way across both rivers (before the highway bridge was built).  Below, I've colorized that idyllic panorama from the 1930s.  And below that is my 2001 photo from the same vantage point, now called the Two Rivers Historic Overlook.