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Most, although not all, articles that mention my family and me are listed below.

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Paternal Ancestors

My great-great-grandfather Dr. Archie Thomas was at the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, plus other stories.

Marooned in the Bluegrass

An 1872 bridge at Island doesn't cross the water.  It never did, unlike another bridge at Livermore.

°A Party and Three Funerals

Newspaper clippings dating back to 1891 descibe milestones in my mother's family.



°The Swing

Discovering the story of a dramatic lynching in my father's hometown.

Curtis Ridge

A picture album of the farm where my mother grew up in southeastern Ohio.

°Your Brother in France

Letters from my grandmother's brother Luther Robinson, serving as a Army butcher in World War I.

°Grandmother's Receet

When laundry day began with building a fire in the back yard.


°Vern's Chevys

Pictures of my father and the automobile business, from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Byesville High

My mother's career in the basketball-crazed Class of 1931 at BHS.

°Uncle Buck

A sketch of my Uncle Ralph's life, including his marriage and his corporate vice-presidency.

Family Album

Old Buckingham and Thomas photos dating from 1895 to 1978, but mostly from the 1930s.




My parents were married in this Kentucky city.  They never told me why...

Running Off to Covington

...but maybe the reason was that everyone was doing it.  I hear from the minister's grandson.

On the Home Front

As Vernon Thomas prepares to head overseas in World War II, his wife writes to her mother.

Dearest Ann

Excerpts from my father's letters from Calcutta in 1944.

°A Methodist Accountant in India

My father's World War II experiences.

India 1945

Color photos from the tea-growing Assam region.

Flying the Hump

My father brought home an air crew's map of the route from Chabua to Kunming.

Homeward Bound

The illustrated story of my father's return from India, sailing through the Suez Canal.

°Baby Pictures

A few images from my first six months, including a cartoon.



Wooden Postcard

Livermore High

American Café

Byesville Porch

Ann Buckingham

Racine Zoo

On the Beach

Sipe Picnic

A Maine Farm

Christmas Eve

Thomas Women

°Cambridge 1950

My family and the house where I lived from age 2 to 5.


Speeches by my father:  Vote, disagree but not bitterly, avoid strikes, sell the idea of giving.

Newark 1952

At the age of 5½, I show you the house where I lived for six months in Newark, Ohio.

A Literate Six-Year-Old

At the age of 6¼, I write to my grandmother about my stage debut and Bun's Restaurant and cookies.

°A Mother's Garden
in a New Land 

My mother's poem about learning again how to garden on the windy plains of Richwood, Ohio.

°I Am Singing Up Here

Memories of my churchgoing grandfather Harry Buckingham.

°B.R. Isaiah

On India's religions, the changes brought by Christianity, and a church that our family built.

Mother's Flowers

Pictures of the flowers that Ann Thomas grew.

Seeing the Western USA

The illustrated diary of a three-week car trip in 1959.

°Give It a Rest

Driving a car used to demand much more from the feet, before the Autronic-Eye and cruise control.



°Deviltry at the Thomas House

Our favorite dinners, including my mother's mayonnaise-free deviled eggs.

°Christmas 1961

The sounds of conversation, dinner, and music-making with the Thomases and my Grandmother Buckingham.

Ann and Elifrede

Parts of conversations between my mother and her friends.

°Twin Gables

Following a floor plan that I drew up, the Thomases build a new house.

Click here for a picture of my grandmother and her "toothpick tree."

Middle West Coincidences?

A 1963 visit to future historical sites.

°Ann's Beef Stew

My mother's recipe.  Also: chicken sandwiches Richwood style.

°The Great Fire of 1964

Vernon M. Thomas Chevrolet is destroyed in a spectacular blaze.  With pictures.


My family and I encounter Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals (through 2013) and a merry Oldsmobile.

Cousin Reunions

Family pictures from the 1960s.

Uno Scorcio di Milano

A glimpse of a storied town in northern Ohio.



°Mother's Day

In Livermore, Kentucky:  conversations with relatives and a church service on Mother's Day, 1972.

Still Living at Home

Miscellany, including a puzzle.

Super 8: Christmas

Images from home movies of the 1973 and 1974 holidays.

My First Apartment 

In Washington, Pennsylvania.

Vacations with Parents

From Phoenix to Plains, Georgia.

NASCAR's Perfect Storm

Escaping a blizzard, my parents and I watch a groundbreaking Daytona 500 telecast in Arizona.



Dear Sir: You No Longer Exist

My father gets an official notice of his death.

°My Father and Me

More travel, after my mother's death.

°The Big 8-0

Dozens of folks surprise Vernon M. Thomas with a party for his 80th birthday.


Now an Orphan

My father dies.  Later, the 35th reunion of my high school class prompts more memories of Ohio.



My Double's Still At Large

A mysterious neighbor must look just like me.

Two Thousand Tom Thomases

Just how unusual is my repetitive name?

°One Hundred Tom Thomases

Fivescore folks who answer to the same name as I.


My phobia about being inside tall rooms may be related to an evolutionarily acquired reflex.

New Wheels

For the first time in 153,351 miles, I invest in a new car.

The Myope

I've worn glasses for 50 years.  But being nearsighted has its advantages.

Memorial Bricks

My father's name is a part of veterans' monuments in two small towns.


Be Happy Now — Wait Not for Heaven

On my own, I take a trip to the Curtiss Museum and the Jordan firemen's site and the birthplace of Robert Ingersoll, whom I quote at length.

'Cuse Tales

Back in Syracuse in 2014, I report Dean Biklen's retirement, revisit where I lived, and recall canine encounters.

The Hyperope

Cataract surgery clears up my vision.

Revisiting Michigan

I return to Frankenmuth and tour Henry Ford's Greenfield Village.

Fasting 5:00 to 9:00

I follow my resolutions on eating and exercise only part of the time, watching the clock and calendar.


The Summer's Big Event

At age 75, my final colonoscopy goes well — if I can open the medication and not fall asleep.

Remembering Chief McIntire

Police cars fill my little borough's streets when the chief is killed on duty, and later for his funeral.

Dividend Interrupted

A fire thousands of miles away temporarily puts a stop to a small portion of my income.


I am now a “family” of one person, and many of the following notes are about me.  Other notes concern my parents' generation and older relatives.  Click the boxes for lists in the two categories:

My Experiences

My Ancestors


With my Grandfather Thomas at his Kentucky home, probably 1957.