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Richwood  My hometown in Ohio
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Most articles that mention the village where I grew up are listed below.

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Native American Artifacts

Arrowheads show that Indians inhabited Union County, at least north of Boundary Road.

Dad Says

Some very old stories (1880-1905) from the weekly newspaper.

Essex Racetrack Four Miles Long

Wagering on horse races (Camptown and elsewhere) and on Presidential elections.

Tales of 153 North Franklin

Richwood gets trolley service to Delaware; the terminal becomes the location of my father's dealership.



°The Scharf

Local inventor drives newfangled car to Columbus looking for investors, finds none, gives up.  I get one of his stock certificates.

Sheltering in Place

Union County schools and saloons are closed due to the 1918 influenza epidemic.


Union Theatre

The town hall known as the Opera House becomes a movie theater.



Running Off to Covington

Young people in Richwood often tied the knot more than a hundred miles away in Kentucky.  So did my parents.  I hear from the grandson of the minister who married them.



°The Kindergarten Operetta

My reading role in a 1953 stage production.

°Ohio Tax Stamps 

These little sales-tax receipts were once ubiquitous in daily life.

°A Mother's Garden in a New Land

My mother's poem about learning again how to garden on the windy plains of Richwood, Ohio.

Brigadoon Reappears

Gene Kelly stars in a movie I didn't see at the time.

°B.R. Isaiah

On India's religions, the changes brought by Christianity, and a church that our family built.

Mr. Ivories

I perform in a minstrel show.  Also making music are the Gill family:  Mabel, Chuck, and Zack.

°Hot Rods

As a boy, I watch modified stock cars race at the local fairgrounds and make my own set of flags.


My 1957 account of a highway accident.

The Twenty-Eight

Remembering a 1928 Chevrolet, after a Corvette and a Nomad.

Mother's Flowers

Pictures of the flowers that Ann Thomas grew.

°The Bixbys

A script for a radio sitcom that I wrote in 1958.

Mr. Merriman

When I started fifth grade, my teacher was only 19 years old.  When I finished sixth grade, he took the class on a picnic.


Big-city Chevrolet dealer Lex Mayers hosts a weekly wrestling show on TV.

°Ed Paulin and the Radios

A portable radio in a $4,000 carrying case; a sportscaster who called Richwood High School basketball.



°Keeping Score

Scoreboards, from the huge one at the L.A. Coliseum to the antiquated one at the Richwood gym, inspire my playful experimentation.

The Three-Cornered Field

Teasing the sheep, and some reflections on seeing the big picture.

Ann and Elifrede

Parts of conversations between my mother and her friends.

Halftime for Richwood High

A freshman manager's brief report on what football players do while the bands perform.  Also, memories of the RHS football team.

°Latin Humor

At the Richwood High School Latin Club, a Roman general won't behave.

Twin Gables

Following a floor plan that I drew up, the Thomases build a new house.

Miss Pete and Juno

Musings on memory, with a parakeet and a song that I "composed" in Latin.

°Vernon Thomas at the Richwood Fair

A local poet guests on my father's radio program from the fair.

°Surely Kin to Me

Rev. John Wagner of Richwood travels to Mississippi to stand up for civil rights.

Where I Was

Sketchy news reports of President Kennedy's assassination came over the school public-address system.

°Hoops Copy

Introductions and imaginative commericals for my mock radio broadcasts of basketball.

°Riding on the Basketball Bus

The long trip home in January 1964; also, later trips with the L.A. Lakers.

Junior Choir


other references to

Building Fund
General Conf.
Home Communion
Sunday Racing
Singing Up Here
College Days
Add Drama!
A Silent Movie
Super 8: Christmas


°Confederates on the Roof

Terry Rockhold dreams of an epic battle.

°Ann's Beef Stew

My mother's recipe.  Also:  chicken sandwiches, Richwood style.

Moon through the Night

As chairman of the Decoration Committe, I plan for the Junior-Senior Prom and write a melancholy poem.

Musical Tonight!

  High school musicals at Richwood, and in 2023 at Freeport High School.

°The Great Fire of 1964

Vernon M. Thomas Chevrolet is destroyed in a spectacular blaze.  With pictures.

°The Making of the (Student Council) President 1964

High school politics:  Ed Olson surprises his opponent by actually campaigning, stealthily.

°Rain in November

Outside Richwood High School, a gloomy night.

Beginning and Ending

Vernon M. Thomas Chevrolet rebuilds a facility that will remain in operation until Mills Chevrolet closes 44 years later.

Ten Key

I learn valuable skills:  typing, and operating the adding machines at my father's dealership.


Students and teachers mix and mangle the language.

°Real Tiger

The basketball team honors its manager, me.

Let the Sportscaster Beware

High-school fans don't like to hear their kids criticized.

°Where Can We Put the Camera?

The gym's too small; try on the wall!

°Playing with Words

A family in a rut, a very long sentence, and songs about thwarted cheerleaders and noble underdogs at Richwood High School.

°Dear Diary

Pictures and dialogue from my senior class play, starring Roxye Carter.

Know the Rules

The Mixed Chorus presents Brigadoon, but a cast member forgets to explain a key rule of its fantasy world.

°Richwood Relays

The annual track and field event as I remember it from 1965.

°Carl Martin

A few memories of a classmate.


May, 1965:  some impressions.

The Will

My classmates' bequests to the incoming seniors.

The Merger

Roxye Carter summarizes the four years of high school.


My high school commencement speech.

Tracks of the Richwood Tiger

Remembering the RHS building through yearbook photos.

Rev. Wagner's Cake

A comic song for a going-away party.

The Edge of the Nest

Preparing to leave home for college, I write my future roommate and report the first North Union Wildcats game.

°The Metz Bug

This Volkswagen ran unopposed in our Richwood Prep Rally and still had trouble winning.

My Father's Dealership

A summer job at the Chevrolet garage leads to a few incidents recounted in letters.



Talking with Terry

Terry Rockhold and I discuss California tourist spots and pink ties.


A motor sport for nerds:  driving down a road, navigating to the nearest 0.01 minute.

Vern's Chevys

Pictures of my father and the automobile business, from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Super 8: Christmas

Images from home movies of my family's 1973 and 1974 holidays.

North Union Crisis of 1976

Local voters skimp on school district support, so boosters hold a Springenfest to raise funds.

°The Big 8-0

Dozens of folks surprise my father with a party for his 80th birthday.


Now an Orphan

My father dies.  Later, the 35th reunion of my high school class prompts more memories of Ohio.



A Foggy Morning in Ohio

Pictures of my hometown in December 2000.

The Organist

I return to Richwood to play a concert on the pipe organ.

Where In Ohio Is Stringtown?

A simple geographical question with a surprising answer.

NUHS/RHS Alumni Banquet

A few pictures I took at my 40th high school reunion, with a link to a couple more from my 45th.


Tigers Roar

We go all out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation.

More on the 50th Reunion

Statistics on our class members plus photos of 38 reunion attendees.

Remembering Terry Rockhold

Recalling my best friend from high school (1947-2006).

RBC 150

The Richwood Banking Company observes its 150th anniversary at the annual stockholders dinner.


A Light by the Pit

The lake that used to be a gravel pit gets a lighthouse, thanks to a future Eagle Scout.


Arrows left by Native Americans along the Boundary Road

Baseball from a front-seat row (in a parked car)

Basketball on a small court:  North Union plays at the Hoosiers gym

Brides and grooms: 60% are crazy

Chevy garage belonged to Paul Curl before my father bought it

Crime spree: burglary, threatened arson, four cars smashed

Criss Somerlot is honored at Athens

Crossing guards remembered

Culligan Man made our well water soft

Dialect quiz says I'm from the South

Drone video over Richwood, from Dustin Gilliland

Ed Olson tells a story on himself as a junior unlucky in flirt

Eighth-grade choristers sang songs older than we were

Electoral College tracking on a map in 1960

Endsley, Mrs. Mildred, eighth-grade teacher

Ethyl and Ethel Swartz

"Holy City" as an organ-piano duet

Horse joke from Nick Taylor?  I think not

Husband-hunting in 1883

Lacrosse on a reservation 20 miles south?  'Twas in the paper

Latin-Club type joke: Caesar walks into a bar

Marion Correctional Institution is a nearby cell of infection

May (seeds, gramophones, drunks, no lights, motorbikes, senior day, ball game)

Meetings of Union County Commissioners halved

Methodist services are online during COVID-19

Mr. Shoemaker's band asked to play "See the USA"

My bloopers in the junior class play

North Union Gnus?  Rebels?  The Blue and Gray?

Old police station

Oldsmobiles remind me of Cracker Jack

Opera House clock tower atop the "wigwam"

"Pizza pie" was once a novelty

Playing surfaces aren't used; First Lady visits egg farm

Police station used to be at Franklin and Ottawa

Post Office used to be at Franklin and Blagrove

Prom picture; RHS class ring

Remembering Chevrolet aftershave

Richwood Bancshares uses video for annual meeting

Richwood Bank stock

Richwood Lake's eight acres now have a lighthouse

Rooftop signs for aviators

Second-grade discussion:  Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Sidewalk proposed; solar projects shouldn't decrease school enrollment

Starting time at Richwood High School (8:45) was ahead of our time

"Sunday Driver" tours the farms outside town

Sunset in December at Richwood Lake

Suspenders are now necessary due to my expanded waistline

Turkey tossing and sleigh hopping causes mayhem

Uncle Jim Buckingham invents anti-Zep bullet — but not my Uncle Jim

Vacation Bible School produces fish plaque.  Oh, Lordy!

Water tower painted by Class of 1965; who did it?