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I never participated in sports (except as the navigator in road rallies), but I've been around them all my life.  Here are most of the relevant articles.   °

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The Vanderbilt Cup

An augmented eyewitness account of the big auto race on the roads of Long Island, held from 1904 to 1910.



Byesville High

My mother's career in the basketball-crazed Class of 1931 at BHS.


Kentucky Derby

My father won $22 at Churchill Downs in 1942.  Twenty years later, the telecast featured the band playing "My Old Kentucky Home."



°Hot Rods

As a boy, I watch modified stock cars race at the local fairgrounds and make my own set of flags.



°Keeping Score

Scoreboards, from the huge one at the L.A. Coliseum to the antiquated one at the Richwood gym, inspire my playful experimentation.


Watching basketball, Ohio math teachers invent the Offensive Efficiency Rating and (later) the Elam Ending.

Halftime for Richwood High

A freshman manager's brief report on what football players do while the bands perform.

Dizzy Dean and the Goose-Eggs

Half an inning with the legendary broadcaster.

°Hoops Copy

Introductions and imaginative commercials for my mock radio broadcasts of basketball.

°Riding on the Basketball Bus

The long trip home in January 1964; also, later trips with the L.A. Lakers.


Playing fields for football, track, etc., plus a downhill racer.

Let the Sportscaster Beware

High-school fans don't like to hear their kids criticized.

°Where Can We Put the Camera?

The gym's too small; try on the wall!

°Richwood Relays

The annual track and field event as I remember it from 1965.

The Fortune Cookie

A movie being filmed at a nearby NFL game features Walter Matthau and "Stop Action" instant replay.


Starting with a basketball broadcast on December 1, 1965, I soon become WOBC's sports director.

Developing a Sports Show

Correspondence and scripts for our new weekly radio feature.

Letter to Jeff Hanna

Planning the 1966 college-football broadcast season.

°The Metz Bug

This Volkswagen ran unopposed in our Richwood Prep Rally and still had trouble winning.

Impossible Mission

As predicted a year earlier by the Craven, the Oberlin men's swim team makes history with an upset win.

Paterno's 29th Win

When Penn State's football team visited Syracuse in 1969, I was there in Archbold Stadium.




A motor sport for nerds:  driving down a road, navigating to the nearest 0.01 minute.




Exposition Park

Super 8:  Kentucky/Houston

From home movies:  country roads in Kentucky, and a 1972 visit to a baseball game at the Astrodome.

Super 8:  Bread Rally

I take my movie camera to the start of a Scioto Sports Car Club rally and to a checkpoint.  85 images.

Offbeat Rally Ideas

If gasoline rationing keeps us from driving our cars in rallies, maybe we could rally on foot.

Super 8:  Bronco World Series

Our local cable channel televises the 1974 international baseball tournament.

The Ted Baxter System

WJM-TV's fictional newscaster invents a method for betting on football that actually works.

Super 8:  State Wrestling

Cable TV-3 travels to Penn State to tape the annual high  school wrestling championships.

Earl Bugaile

Collaborating with a radio reporter and attempting to interview a hockey coach.



°Bedtime Story Lullabies

Falling asleep to the 1981 Pirates on radio.

°I Invented the Fox Box

Or at least the diagram of the bases.

°Indianapolis 1987

Hanging out at the Pan Am Games, occasionally running off to work telecasts elsewhere.

°The Seoul Cypher

The 1988 Summer Olympics in Korea.

°An Eighties Flashback

More than two dozen video frames from 1989-90 Pirates baseball telecasts, including commercials.



Left On Base Doesn't Matter

Correlating baseball statistics with winning.

The Cup and I

I never posed with the Stanley Cup, but I did receive a visitation.

Atlanta and After

The 1996 Olympics, followed by baseball and C-USA football on Fox Sports Net, long travel days, and more.

Fleeing the Storm

A "quiet" week on Lake Pontchartrain.



What Is It Again That You Do?

I work in sports television, but not as an announcer.

°Motabs, Other Utahns Welcome Oly Guests

Miscellany from the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

Baseball's Planetary Realignment

Reshuffling the majors gives small-market teams a chance in the new Saturn League.

The Diamond Brick Road

A graphical representation of one season's race in a baseball division.

°Quotes from the City Game

When sports figures speak, not all reporters write down their words the same way.

°I Need a Stat, Stat!

The statistic doesn't actually have to be relevant; it just needs to seem that way.

°Hypothesis Disproved

Baseball pitchers threw a pitch every 20 seconds in 1956.  Are they significantly slower today?

T-Ball Scoring

When toddlers play baseball, they're never charged with errors or passed balls.  Are the majors headed that way?


Baxter Revisited

An improved way to bet on underdogs; however, the 2017 NFL underdogs stop winning against the spread.

What It Was, Was Hockey

Basketball janitor Roscoe encounters a strange new sport from the North.  Goaltending is allowed!

Respect the Crimson Eye

Oberlin's athletic teams acquire a bushy-tailed mascot.

Billy & Curtis

Pitt's radio crew doesn't go to games during COVID-19; they describe what I'm watching on TV.


Multiple Possible Outcomes

"Points" and "ties" have more than one meaning in hockey.  You can get a point for losing a tie.

Uh-Oh! Diesels!

A racetrack logo at Daytona directs me to an Ohio university of which I was unaware.


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On August 7, 1963, while playing shuffleboard against myself in the basement, I scored a net 41 points on a single shot!

There were two disks already in scoring position:  a Red in the 7-point zone, and a Black in the "10 OFF" zone (minus 10 points).  It was Black's turn to shoot, and I wanted to knock both of those disks away.

I knocked Red out of the 7-point zone, with my Black disk stopping in the zone.  That's a 14-point gain for Black.  The Red disk continued on, ricocheted off the nearby basement wall (which was in play according to my ground rules), and knocked Black out of the "10 OFF," stopping in that zone itself.  That's another 20 points.  Finally, the Black disk slid into the 7-point zone for another 7 points for Black.