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Most articles on this website include pictures.  Here are some that are almost entirely pictures.

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Curtis Ridge

A picture album of the farm where my mother grew up in southeastern Ohio.

The Great Buckeye Collision

Two trains crash head-on at Buckeye Park — intentionally.


Family Album

Old Buckingham and Thomas photos dating from 1895 to 1978, but mostly from the 1930s.

Vern's Chevys

Pictures of my father and the automobile business, from the 1930s to the 1970s.


India 1945

Color photos from the tea-growing Assam region.

°Got a Match?

My father's matchbook collection.


Cambridge 1950

My family and the house where I lived from age 2 to 5.

Mother's Flowers

Pictures of the flowers that Ann Thomas grew.


Twin Gables

Following a floor plan that I drew up, the Thomases build a new house.

WOBC 1967-1968

Some snapshots.

Cousin Reunions

Family pictures from the 1960s.


Super 8:  Marion

Stills from home movies of downtown Marion, Ohio, in 1972.

Super 8:  Kentucky/Houston

From home movies:  country roads in Kentucky, and a 1972 visit to a baseball game at the Astrodome.

Super 8:  Bread Rally

I take my movie camera to the start of a Scioto Sports Car Club rally and to a checkpoint.  85 images.

Super 8:  Canada

Terry Rockhold and I visit Stratford, Niagara, Toronto, and Kingston in Ontario, returning via Syracuse.

Dimensional Cacti

3D views of Arizona's Valley of the Sun, presented in "wiggle stereo."


°Welcome Home

On Pittsburgh's North Shore, five statues honor returning Viet Nam veterans.

Early 1984

A photo album of TV3 productions during the first week of 1984.


A Foggy Morning in Ohio

Pictures of my hometown in December 2000.

3D Snow in My Neighborhood

Red-cyan anaglyphs from March 2001.

Amber and Blue

Amber-blue anaglyphs are the latest 3D variation.

TV Truck at PNC Park

Hooking up at the new baseball field in March 2001.

WOBC 2001 Reunion

Another visit to my college radio station, this time to observe its 50th anniversary.

Bryan & Mary Seip's Party

Pittsburgh-area sports TV folks gather in December 2001.

Oberlin College Science Center

A photo tour of the new and remodeled labs and classrooms, October 2002.

The Pete

Surveying Pitt's new basketball arena with an eye to TV.


Fourteen wide-format views.

Saved Images

Assorted pictures that once appeared on this website's home page.

Big Pics

Two dozen miscellaneous images, including the following:

Bloom and Bee


Cuyahoga Valley

Lion in Spring

Logging Train


Airplane runs over a stop sign in Denver, apparently

Appian Way tombs are recalled in a local cemetery

Bear can't read warning sign on trap

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari introduces ancient graves stone

Casual Saturday with Judy Rock

Cats petted by non-human mammals

Chinese New Year is celebrated with kumquat trees

Christmas card made by Jan Olson, 1969

Curvy popcorn majorettes and slow blinks catch my eye

Dog stalks football

Easter snow in Kentucky

Fire on Maui; explosion on Rustic Ridge near Leechburg

Gas flare above the mall, AKA the pillar of fire

Google Earth reveals frost heaves on Dorothy Drive

Google Earth reveals Mount Pine-Richland

Google Earth reveals roller-coaster bridge ramp

Google Earth shows my apartment

Google Earth shows my apartment in 3D

Interpreting the new radiation symbol

"Last Supper" at the round table, by Cimabue

Lincoln and Darwin meet for their 200th birthday

Milo the terrier, and his window

Moon over Mount Washington at Halloween

Mural depicts local history, including canal

Newfangled digital photography

Nike missiles once protected Pittsburgh

Open!  Open!  Open!  Open!

Panoramas of Oberlin et alia

Passport photo

Portland, Oregon, has a statue called Portlandia

Poseidon's pitchfork?

PPG Place in Pittsburgh offers scary scenes

Presidential Inauguration from space

Putin uses long table in person, short desk for TV

Rabbit spends retirement behind my car

Rubber duck, 40 feet high, in the Allegheny River

San Jose man caught with finger near nose

Scary inn where I once stayed in Connecticut

Scary tree, the victim of a mad chainsawyer

Sing it:  Pittsburgh springtime is when the snow turns to slush

Single-day February record 11.4" of snow on 2/5/2010

Skeletal dinosaur statue guards medical office

Smoke briefly returns to the Steel City

Steel mill down the hill from my apartment

Subaru's 2014 Legacy is my new car