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Here are essays on a number of topics.

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An altar bursts into flame?  Somebody set it on fire.  A lame man takes a few steps?  He already had that ability.  A woman who has been unable to conceive finally does so?  This sort of thing happens every day.

When Biblical writers tell these stories, they attribute the “miracles” to divine intervention.  However, I tend to suspect that there may be other explanations that rely less on the supernatural.  So I decided to retell the stories my way — usually in the fictional first person.  Sometimes I let “Brother Billy” interview my characters.

Dozens of these non-supernatural stories are listed on my Poetry page.

°For a Reason

Og finds an arrow and suffers the consequences.  Does everything happen for a reason?

New Way of Life

Og discovers that another tribe no longer hunts but keeps animals and plants in pens, leading to Civilization.

Biblical Lie Detector

Tell the truth, woman.  Is that someone else's baby you're carrying?  If so, God's potion will abort it.

°True Prayer:  God In Us

"In spirit and in truth."

°Bible Quiz

With 28 Bible questions — and 61 Bible answers.


Washington's Mother

"All I am I owe to my mother," said George.  Except he didn't.  What about other quotable notables?


Be Happy Now — Wait Not for Heaven

Historic sites in central New York including the birthplace of Robert Ingersoll, whom I quote at length.



The Intercontinental Web

Discovering an ancient TV show through on-line research.

°The Three-Cornered Field

Teasing the sheep, and some reflections on seeing the big picture.



°Miss Pete and Juno

Musings on memory, with a parakeet and a song that I "composed" in Latin.


Virtues and vices in the acceptance speech of the 1964 Republican candidate for President, who was no moderate.

°The Melting Pot

A long-term solution for America's racial tensions.

Modern Times

Multiple activities overtake the simple life.

The Great State of the Islands of Columbia

A crackpot idea.

Thrice Weekly

A double president's regrets; preventing cheating; doing your own thing.

Bill Doodle

Why would anyone volunteer for military servitude?

Need It Be Said?

A song for a character who cannot believe.

Expunging Their Beliefs?

Anti-war activists who don't want their activism on their permanent records.

Protest and Viet Nam

Others were protesting; I observed the scene.

°Smiles We Gave to One Another

Once the world seemed a friendlier place.


Table for Six

I observe a dignified black family being denied service at a hotel restaurant.



°Kevorkian and the Bible

Can scripture justify suicide?



°Santa Is An Elf

On belatedly realizing what some familiar words clearly say.

°Fear Not

Don't let terror kill you many times before your death.

°C-Notes (parts 1 through 10)

100 words or less on assorted topics.

°The Other Mask

A delicate drama dilemma:  in a comedy, how can villains be punished?

°We Are Monarchs

We command musicians and actors, and take what we want from great treasure houses.

°The Pledge Question

Should we force our children to take a daily loyalty oath proclaiming our nation is under God?

°The Case Against Children

What I'm doing to save the environment.

°Dog Thoughts

A golden retriever defends capitalism.

°What Speed Limit?

Americans no longer respect the law.

°Stopping Communication

Sometimes we don't want to let a message go through.

°The Steady-State Theory

Shouldn't life be stable and comfortable?  No, we must always be growing.


Don't assume there's always a simple choice between black and white.  Often, gray is beautiful.

°Hating Your House

On employees who callously sabatoge the operations of the company that pays them.

°The Egg.  It Depends.  Why Ask Why?

I venture my answers to three classic conundrums.

°No Amnesty!

Forgive prodigal borrowers?  To us good people, that would be a slap in the face!

When Peas Fly

Whatever happened to split pea soup, anyway?


On Representative Democracy

Should Congressmen please the constituents of their districts, or should they use their own best judgment to benefit the whole nation?

Local Campaigning

We may not always be best served by choosing our own decision-makers.

Regrets about the Governor

My state's leader is reluctant to fund roads and buses but eager to fund sectarian schools.

It Ain't Us, Babe

Congressman, it ain't me you're workin' for, babe.

Give to the Rich

Should we fund a top-performing school because they've earned it, or a bottom-performing school because they need it?

The Crusade Against Education

Conservatives want to shield their kids from ideas they might discover in public school or college.

Breath of Life

Brother Billy thinks life begins at conception.  Better-informed scholars disagree.

Problem Solved

It takes two years, but the state finally approves a plan to fund bridges and buses.

Snidely Tweeting 1,  2,  3

Eric D. Snider's remarks, gathered from Twitter.

Paying Our Dues

Why taxes are good.

Hate Speech

Why a government of all the people shouldn't promote the Ten Commandments.


Comments I've gathered from the Internet, mainly about folks I consider misguided and uninformed.

You're Cut Off!

Does being excommunicated mean you're banished from the Church?

Resisting Anti-Intellectuals

Some uninformed folks favor their own feelings over the conclusions of “intelligent, educated” experts.


Exposure to small doses of allergens or disturbing thoughts may improve one's ability to cope with them.

Oft May Ye Waive

Perhaps you should waive your right to be tried by a jury of your conscripted, uninformed non-peers.


The Future

Human selfishness leaves me pessimistic about containing overpopulation and global warming.

Sluggish Georgia

Spending nearly a billion while waiting two months for Senate runoff elections?  RCV could be a better way.

The Roundtable

Assorted opinions on important topics, gathered from 112 Tweets and other Internet postings.


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