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WOBC  Oberlin's student radio station
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As a student at Oberlin College, I became the director of the student-operated FM station.  Most of my articles that mention Oberlin's WOBC are listed below.

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Behind Grey Gables

Student radio enthusiasts build their very own station, then move it to a vacant garage.



Starting with a basketball broadcast on December 1, 1965, I soon become WOBC's sports director.

Developing a Sports Show

Correspondence and scripts for our new weekly radio feature.

Letter to Jeff Hanna

Planning the 1966 college-football broadcast season.


My collection of WOBC Program Guides provides an overview of the station's operation from 1965 to 1969.

Programs of a Sporting Nature

Details of 53 live sports events and 28 studio shows that we broadcast during my four years at Oberlin.

Oberlin Digest Copy

Scripts by and for the host, 1967.

°Audio Radiance

Previously published pictures of WOBC, circa 1967.

°March, Arch, and Vigil

By torchlight, students in the spring of 1967 agitate for liberalized housing rules.

WOBC 1967-1968

Some snapshots.

The Armenian Nightingale

To fill a hole in the WOBC schedule, I play folk-pop songs performed by Jim Gertmenian and friends.


Letters document my junior and senior years, when I rose to the position of station director.

°WOBC Control Engineer's Handbook

Excerpts from the 1968 instruction manual.


Remembering the Beatles and radio marathons.

°SLATE Wins!

I cover the campus election returns.

April 24

I report on an anti-war vigil and converse with my lab partner.

Carr Confronted at Cox

Anti-war students march on Administration Building, chant "Kill!"  Dramatic encounter ensues.  (Click on the sidebar about my sources and how this event was recorded.)

Leaving Oberlin College

Leaving the student radio station was the hardest part, according to these letters from 1969.

Jenny and Me

Correspondence with one WOBC friend, who finds work in Chicago and becomes a professor.



Executive Boards

A list of more than 50 students who served as department heads at WOBC, 1966 through 1971.

WAER in Syracuse

A brief stint at another campus FM.

Returning to WOBC

Some things are constant at my old college station, especially change.


All News All the Time

If WOBC were all-news, how would I organize it?


WOBC 2001 Reunion

Another visit to my college radio station, this time to observe its 50th anniversary.


You're Listening

Graduating seniors in 2019 depict WOBC's long history in a short animated film.


Playlist from 1970

Listen to 50 songs that former DJ Marc Knight programmed for his 50th reunion.

The Banner

click the cap for WOBC's current website

Broadcasting magazine and yearbook

“Minstrel of the Dawn” might have been a good theme song

Panel discussion re-imagined as if WOBC were an all-news TV channel

Poet Laureate of the future visits Oberlin

Posters at 21st-century WOBC

Taking requests from the Rat

Why don't we do it in the Abbey Road?  No one will be watching us

Wiring still doesn't always work