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The Will
Written June 3, 2015


When I was in high school, one scheduled event at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom was the Reading of the Will.  Graduating members of the senior class humorously “bequeathed” some of their quirks and attributes to appropriate members of the junior class who were thus entrusted with carrying on the traditions of dear old Richwood High.

I don’t recall the details, but presumably as seniors in 1965 we were asked for suggestions.  Fortunately Richwood was a relatively small school and most of the upperclassmen were at least acquainted with each other.  Some of the actual writing might have been done by a committee.  I suspect the committee invented a few bequests so every senior and every junior was mentioned at least once.

Many seniors at the time were enrolled in Civics, taught by Frank Zirbel, and Health II, taught by Mike Locke.  It’s not surprising that certain aspects of those beloved classes were generously given away.  The chorus had recently presented the musical Brigadoon, which accounts for the references to Scottish thistles and kilts and Bonnie Jean.  There were many other inside jokes, of course, some of which I could explain if you asked me.

Had there been more students, the will would have become very lengthy.  As it was, it required something like 20 minutes to read aloud.  That’s rather long for an alleged comedy bit, don’t you think?

Somebody typed up the list — five legal-size pages — and ran off mimeographed copies.  I was assigned the attorney’s duty of getting up on stage during the banquet and reading the first half.  I think someone else took over for the second half. 

Here’s the script.  If you’d like the list rearranged into alphabetical order of the senior class of ’65, click here for seniors.  If you’d like it in sorted in alphabetical order of the beneficiaries, click here for juniors.




Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to read this Will.

We, the class of ’65, being of sound mind and not wanting “to detract from the educational purpose of this high school,” do hereby bequeath the following to the class of ’66:

First period Civics class wills to next year’s class the ability to talk Mr. Zirbel out of tests and quizzes and into selling popcorn for Tuttle’s movies.

Pat Hoffman wills to Sheryl Beery her ability to stay out of trouble.

Rod McCullough wills to Zeke Reidmiller what was left from his Beatle haircut.

Connie Cameron wills to Barbara McDaniel the right to get sick at Junior-Senior.  That’s NEXT year, Barb.

Dale Carpenter wills to Russ Sivey his scholastic ability.

Sue Beightler wills to Diana O’Brien her ability to get picked up by a State Patrolman while riding a bike.

Gene Somerlot wills to Jim Blue his dilapidated knee-pad.

Sally Ballard wills to Karen Salyer her old job of keeping the girls laughing in the back room during Home Ec. class.

Dan Rush wills to Jim Veach, Bob Webb, Jim McElroy, Mike Hamilton, and Steve Case his key to the Union County Jail.

Donna Borland wills to Mona McBride all the rest of her typing paper and old carbon paper.

Pete Ransome wills to Rick Hoffman the ability to sleep in Civics class.

Tonya Davis wills to Penny Reidenbaugh her black leather knee boots.  Kill ’em, Penny!

Denny Roberts wills to Randy Chapman his parking place --- if he can find it.

Debbie Jerew wills to Pat Smith the presidency of F.H.A.

John Caudill wills to John Millington his typing ability.

Sharon Holbrook wills to Becky Grose the ability to get 45’s in bookkeeping.

Ted Cremeans wills to Ron Scheiderer his worn-out heel taps.

Peg Swartz wills to Wanda Major the ability to twist the Civics teacher around her finger without his knowing it.

Carol Ferguson wills to Herbert Conley Jim Veach’s undivided attention next year.

Terry Rockhold wills to Gary Reese one bucket of soapy water and one heck of a dirty meat department.

Bonnie Bell wills to Pam Teets her title “Cow Milking Queen,” acquired from Janet Johnson in ’64.  Wear it with pride, Pam.

Tom Thomas wills to Kirk Miller one piece of stale pound cake left over from the Senior Play.  Had to get rid of it somehow.

Jo Ann Prichard wills to Karen Collins the ability to get confused in a jury trial.

Bill Maugans wills to Rex Rader his title of “King of the Shower Room.”

Bob Marvin wills to Bruce Gruber his high jumping ability.

Sharon Mayberry wills to Mona McBride the right to be chairman of the Program Committee for the Mother-Daughter Program next year.

Ron Lane wills to Sharon Clayton his terrible disposition to help her invent new insults.

Dixie Ledley wills to Sandi Davis her insurance policy.

Jo Ann Prichard wills to Janet Sampson her big mouth so Janet can yell a little louder when she’s leading cheers.

Dianne Steele wills to Karen Collins the ability to handle boys on Grindell Road.

Dixie Ledley wills to Becky Grose her sewing ability.

Carl Martin wills to Dick Minter his title of “Hercules.”

Linda Penney wills to Dianne O’Brien the misfortune to be the only senior girl in seventh period Phys. Ed. class.

Sherry Keigley wills to Becky Grose the right to cry over a kiss.

John Caudill wills to Bob Webb a row of seats in the gym.

Connie Cameron wills to John Bushong the ability to be voted the most likely to be divorced first, acquired from the Health II class.

Terry Rockhold wills to Mike Penney his green kilt and a year’s subscription to Modesty Magazine.

Pat Hoffman wills to Janet Sampson her watch so Janet will get to the games on time.

Dale Carpenter wills to Paul Major the ability to keep Locke on his toes in Health II.

Sue Beightler wills to Connie Anderson the ability to pass notes in Miss Dillion’s study hall and never get caught.

Kelly Drake wills to Barb McDaniel his bashfulness.

Sharon Mayberry wills to Pat Adams the right to chew gum, quietly, in Civics class.

Sue McMahan wills to Connie Anderson her alcohol book and three pictures of the Beatles.

Dave Bickley wills his self-respect and admiration for himself to his loving brother, Steve.

Debbie Jerew wills to Nancy Longshore her quietness in Civics class.

Bill Maugans wills to Jerry Reynolds his hairy legs.

Maureen Collier wills to Dianne Wilcox her ability to flirt when going steady.

Ron Lane wills to Mike Jordan the key to Lane’s back door.

Sharon Holbrook wills to Violet Overfield her ability to show Mr. Zirbel how big she is.

Pete Ransome wills to David Preston the ability to outrun the cop on his scooter.

Dee Ann DeBolt wills to Janet Kinikin her ability to get along with Mabel.

Roger Daymude wills to Gary Reese the ability to graduate without even opening a book.

Mary Sue Livingston wills to Karen Salyer her one-eared wooden monkey to hang in her locker.

Criss Somerlot wills to Carl Troesh the pile of dust behind the door near the top floor at the south end stairs.

Dianne Steele, Barb Bugg, Mary Jo Fetter, and Sue Livingston will to Bruce Gruber their 1966 calendar.

Lois Smith wills to Pat Rider her shelves to clean in the library.

Denny Roberts wills to Chuck Magill a new sweatshirt to take the place of the one he’s been wearing for the last three years.

Sherry Keigley wills to Barb McDaniel the honor of getting a “One” at State Contest.

Trudy Oman wills to Cheryl Hall her height.

Nick Taylor wills to Annie Wasserbeck his extra valve oil.

Carl Martin wills to Jim Blue a deck of cards and one baseball glove for Boys’ State.

Lois Smith wills to Jim Veach her ability to skip school and still get yellow excuses.

John Caudill wills to Rodney Ridgeway his Bookkeeping practice set so Rodney can get straightened out.

Jo Ann Prichard wills to Betty Lester the ability to make her own Junior-Senior dress for only $7.

Criss Somerlot wills to Rick Hoffman a jar of Rolaids.

Dixie Ledley wills to Annie Wasserbeck her friendliness to Mr. Zirbel.  Good luck!

Nick Taylor wills to Steve Ballinger his Bonnie Jean.

Sharon Mayberry wills to Judy Reese a 10¢ going-steady ring from her secret admirer.

Dale Carpenter wills to Bob Speakman his radio so Bob will have all the first-hand news items for Civics class.


Sherry Keigley wills to Chuck Magill a hanky so he can clean off his own glasses.

John Minter wills to Dick Minter his “perfumed” track shoes.

Dee Ann DeBolt wills to Daryl Shinkle her first period Civics class.

Dan Converse wills to Ed Music his curly hair.

Roxye Carter wills to Rex Rader her height.

Roger Daymude wills to Pat Adams the right to be the best-looking senior.

Jane Guy wills to Cheryl Hall her nickname of “Little Girl.”

Lynne Glass wills to Mary Orcena all of her used clarinet reeds.

Sam Easterday wills to Kenneth Fulton his 440 ability.

Sharon Mayberry wills to Pat Adams the right for Roger Daymude to give her a dime-store diamond in June.

Dan Converse wills to Ted Pfarr his USED Civics book.

Lynne Glass wills to Pam Teets the right to lose her temper --- only when absolutely necessary.

Rod McCullough wills to Bill Dennis the ability to date Marysville girls without getting beat up.

Sue Beightler wills to Judy Reese all her unused packages of Sweet Tarts to eat during classes.

Ron Pratt wills to Jim Blue his basketball shoes if he can see one more year of basketball.

Peg Swartz wills to Gwenyth Weller her old job of giving old men baths.

Bob Marvin wills to Steve Ballinger his front-row seat in Civics.

Doris Schrote wills to Sharon Clayton her love of the sight of blood.

Ed Olson wills to Chuck Magill his humility.

Tom Thomas wills to Harlan Burnside one can of basketball cleaner, three dirty towels, a set of shooting charts, a clipboard, and Paul Keller’s autograph.

Ernie Wheeler wills to Ted Pfarr the ability to skip ninth period study hall for three quarters of the year and never get caught.

Terry Rockhold wills to Bruce Gruber one set of non-skid dragging tires.

The Annual Staff wills to Freda Kyle a glue pot.

Carl Martin wills to Pat Peoples and Barb McDaniel one defroster each.

Tom Thomas wills to Jim McElroy a new Oldsmobile with heavy-duty landing gear.

Eileen Jividen wills to Ted Pfarr her majorette uniform and baton.

Gene James wills to Mr. Locke his used camping tent for Mr. Locke’s camping trips.

Barb Bugg wills to Sandi Davis her old clarinet reeds.

Rod McCullough wills to Linda Ward his hat since she took it three weeks ago, anyway.

Trudy Oman wills to Janet Kinikin her seat in first period Civics class.

Ed Olson wills to Daryl Shinkle his wonderful sense of humor and almost phenomenal leadership ability.

Jane Guy wills to Mr. Zirbel the memory of her part as stripper in “Pal Joey.”

Ron Murdock wills to Rex Rader his seat in the “Greasy Spoon.”

Sue Livingston wills to Paulette Goddard one well-used locker mirror.

Maureen Collier wills to Sandi Davis her ability to slide across a classroom on a grape.

Keith Forrider wills to Herb Conley a billy club so Herb can keep the girls off --- his car.

Dee Ann DeBolt wills to Dianna O’Brien her ability to go with a Marysville boy.

Linda Congrove wills to Annie Wasserbeck the right to bribe Mr. Locke with candy in Health II class.

Spence Jordan wills his nickname “Crash” to Dave Pacha.

Roxye Carter wills to Pat Smith her Pink Panther outfit to wear in Health II class.

John Minter wills to Mr. Zirbel a $5,000 share in Melody Ranch.

Mary Jo Fetter, Dianne Steele, and Mary Wells will to Paula Somerlot, Mona McBride, and Pat Adams the title of “The Three Musketeers,” which was willed to them by the Class of ’64.

Kelly Drake wills to Dennis Fletcher the ability to back out of driveways.

Sue McMahan wills to Virginia Schmeltzer her last year’s prom dress.

Mary Wells wills to Linda Ward the right to be Phys. Ed. teacher second period.

Frank Carter wills to Rex Rader his height and dunk shot.

Lois Smith wills to Sheryl Beery her ability to talk in study hall and not get caught.

Pat Ransome wills to Janet Sampson her long cheerleading legs.

Ernie Wheeler wills to Dave Pacha the ability to ask all the girls in school for a date and get refused every time.

Judy Rubeck wills to Linda Bolenbaugh all the overdue slips from the library.

Laurann Reese wills to Cheryl Hall her shortness.

Criss Somerlot wills to Steve Bickley his black tennis shoes to wear in his band.

Sheila Ward and Roxye Carter will to Dianne Wilcox and Barb McDaniel their luxuriously decorated, wall-to-wall carpeted, picture plastered --- two baths, one lounge, and three bedrooms.

Nick Taylor wills to Mr. Zirbel his pad of foam rubber.

Mary Wells wills to Pam Teets a Bible for Psychology class.

Denny Roberts wills to all of next year’s seniors the right to use Tawa Road as their own private drag strip.

Sally Ballard wills to Paula Somerlot her ability to talk all of the time and still get A’s in citizenship.

Jeff Benton wills to Jim McElroy his map of Lincoln Park with surrounding area, including Prospect.

Pam Webb wills to Ed Music her detentions in sixth period study hall for leadership and general “goofing off.”

Barb Bugg wills her long fingernails to Mary Orcena.

Bonnie Bell and Keith Forrider say “Farewell” to Mr. Wills, Ronnie Stidham, Philip Hecker, Dan Chapman, and Terry Erwin.  The Mechanical Drawing class will never be the same!

Sheila Ward wills to Pam Teets her Health II notes.  “Hope you have better luck than I did!”

Mary Shroyer wills to Mr. Zirbel her pleasing sense of humor.

Doris Schrote wills to the junior girls her ability to keep her locker neat.

Dixie Ledley, Bonnie Bell, and Pam Webb will to Jim Blue, Steve Bickley, and Rex Rader the seniority rights of sixth period study hall.

Mary Beth Cobb wills to Annie Wasserbeck her Scotland thistles and lots of luck.

Reba Shinkle wills to Diana O’Brien her job in the cafeteria.

Bonnie McBride wills to any deserving junior girl her ability to get elected Relay Queen.

Sheila Ward wills to Barb McDaniel her tendency to have friends who ALL go steady, and yet stay free yourself --- and worried!

Mary Shroyer wills to John Ray her seat in Civics class.

Pam Webb wills to Sandi Davis her seat in Health class.

Mary Beth Cobb wills to Jim McElroy her senior intelligence.  He needs it.

Ed Olson wills to the members of the junior class an invitation good for one dinner at the White House during any of his eight years as President from 1992-2000.



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