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Foxes in a box

Half the time, you're a miserable failure

Hunting is hating?

I am who I am, said God.  It is what it is, say we.

Korean scenes from colleagues at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Lacrosse on a reservation 20 miles south?  'Twas in the paper

Lookalikes:  Bob Brenly and Bill Cowher

Meadows is now more a casino than a harness-racing track

Naming rights:  Sun Life Stadium

Nicklaus in a televised 1960 golf tournament

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Olympian Tommie Smith recalls 1968 gesture

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Penn State's colors were once pink and black

Pi and Michael Phelps

Playing footsponge

Rioting fans after big games: they'll do anything if everybody's doing it

Road rally term I invented:  NORI

Soccer is not a communist sport; I rode with JP Dellacamera

Spelling tips:  Coonelly  Goligoski  Penguins

Sports seasons in my youth were only three months long

State of Origin Rugby League Football Tournament

Statues to freeze great moments in sports

Sweep not likely even if you're up two games to none

Tape to block part of a NASCAR grille can be overdone

Tour de France broadcast is merely a travelogue for me

Upsets?  I've televised a couple of the biggest

U.S. Open cameraman

West Virginia moves much farther west, leaving its hated rivals behind

Winter “sports” that could be in the Olympics