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Allowances and employment for youth in the olden days

Angry faces on The Goldbergs

Announcing the train's next stop

Anti-empaths think their opinions are the only good ones

"Baby" should not refer to a fetus or a toddler

Ball Timmory!  That's how to pronounce Maryland's largest city

Berries bursting in air

Birds: A conversation with a sparrow

Bird behaviors change over time

Bird Island, a fantasy

Blue moons are like shortstops

Boat:  We're all in the same one, brother

Bosses can be bad

Bread can last weeks, not just days

Buying a DVR recorder, monitor, and camera

Buying cars (and other things) once required visiting a business

Cat communication

Check your pockets!

Children are the source of unhappiness

Children's misfortunes bring tears to some people's eyes

Children:  who will take them in if we both die???

Christmas this year, or no Christmas?  Differing thoughts

Clarifications:  pairs of people with similar names

Clock, though broken, is correct three times a day

Computer monitors should be lower

Cooler weather is back, much to my relief

CW means Country & Western to me

Denver's not on a mountain, Pittsburgh's not on a coast

Depression killed Robin Williams; comments by Eric D. Snider

Discarding old magazines

Divorces are down because marriages are down

Driving: Aggressive drivers use their brakes a lot

Driving: Don't know how to drive in snow?

Driving: Don't merge until it's time

Driving: Looking a car in the face

Driving: My car changes colors

Driving: Stay in your own lane on turns

Driving: This car observes the speed limit

Driving: Type A and Type B drivers have different gripes

Early to rise

Fathers:  half of American children don't have them

Fireworks at midnight from inconsiderate neighbors

Five Below, Five and Dime, Dollar Store

Fresco from Roman London includes birds

Full moon:  cause of lunatic activity?

Funds dedicated to specific uses?  Only in the public sector

Gates are not sold by K&L Gates

Gender-reveal parties are ridiculous

Gifts may not be what is wanted, but money is always good

Groundhog Zeke predicts a warm December

Halloween drives Mark Evanier under his bed

Halloween extortion or "tricks":  a brief history

Hearing a thud outside my kitchen window in late June

Highways always under reconstruction need a third roadway

Holding it in, despite the mean widdle kid's tantrums

Home schooling's disadvantages

Humpty Dumpty: Why an egg?

Internet from home replaces local newspapers

Keep this party a secret!

Kids take candy from strangers or welcome them in on 2 special days

Magazine issues appear two months ahead of the cover date

Men are a minority

Mental health: no one's perfect

Middle class paycheck?  Yes, but you have to share it with family

Miscellaneous internet bits from 2018 to 2021

Misunderstanding non-professional radio commercial announcers

Morse-code-flashing skyscraper misspells Pittsburgh

Mortgage means going into debt; that's not necessarily bad

Most recognizable brand in media?

Newspaper delivery shrinks from seven days to two

Newspapers are becoming an infrequent purchase

News stories should use boldface for names

New York gets too much love from outsiders

Nobody goes there?  Nobody among your friends, you mean

Nothing left to lose, therefore freedom

Ohio is shaped like the USA

Orcastration in the mind of a mass murderer

Pandemic pause; "second adulthood" is a few years away

Pepper as a seasoning for fruit and nuts

Perfect days outside are like all days inside

Pogo memories:  Friday the 13th, Li'l Awry

Pomerantz offers unconventional opinions that seem reasonable

Post Office is very reliable, I've found

Precipitation of an unknown nature

Preference for round numbers ending in zero

Preflight checklist

Restaurants:  too slow, or too fast, or too slow

Restrooms now require birth certificates for entry?

Rip Torn was his real name, and Rip Van Dam confronted Gov. Bill Cosby

"Rubberneckers" are just driving safely

Sandwiches don't have to be stacked so high

Season's biggest event?  There must be 12 events a year

Serene acceptance if it can't be changed?  Or "never give up"?

Short people (i.e., children) got no reason

Shredding:  I avoid it for documents, and memories

Smelling flavors

Snow songs aren't just for December

Sometimes you have to accept the "unacceptable"

Stocks reliably go up for those who can afford them

Timing precisely when I fall asleep

Tracey Moody assembles backpacks for Nashville homeless

Troopers' chinstraps

Tweet about monolith is first I've heard of it

Tweeting each other:  Millennials do it, Boomers like me don't

Twenty-two years go by quickly

Unsold Easter candy might be saved for next year

Wait for the final result; don't get excited prematurely

Wallet full, mouth shut

W.C. Fields:  Go away, kids; you bother the ecosystem

Wearing a suit to work comes back in fashion for Eric D. Snider

Website gets new look for 2007

Website serves as my database

What you want:  you can't always get it, kid!

Which line are you in?

Winter activities do not sound like fun

Women in the 1970s become doctors and bishops

Worst woman's disease