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Opinion (politics)

All is calm.  All is bright, except ...

"America the Beautiful" is a prayer, not a declaration

Americans had advance warning to get out of Afghanistan

Ayn Rand Ron Paul Ryan ... how do those names go again?

Boston Massacre and Kent State:  separated by 200 years

Chads will hang and fingers will point after votes are cast

Class warfare:  the only people who don't like it are the rich

Conservatives can be angered by reality

Conspiracies: "panacea of paradise past, fallen present, glorious future"

Cop convicted of burglary gets off on technicality

Daylight time:  ideas from me (reset clocks early) and Ben Franklin

Declaration is unChristian, rebelling against time-honored monarchy

"Democratic party" slurred to "Democrat party" by Republicans

Democracy may not solve all problems

"Deranged" political opponents

Dolley Madison

Do-nothing Congress also undoes nothing

Economy statistics during pandemic seem hopeful

Education is socialized, but where was my barber?

Education is undervalued in families, so America falls behind

Electoral College means 56% of voters don't matter

Equal respect for everyone's opinions?  No, some of us have studied

Extreme right-wingers aren't crazy, their fans are

Foe's demands:  don't seem to endorse them, even in ridicule

France always surrenders?  This joke is getting old

Furious and ashamed is Mikki Brock; make a decision

Governors pray for rain

Greatest nation in the world?  According to me, it's not us

Greatest nation in the world?  According to Aaron Sorkin, it can be

Growth in local population:  why always assume it's good?

Gun deaths so far this year, mapped

Gun purchase restrictions don't necessarily stop gun possession

Gun violence killed 84 today

Harding tells Alabamans democracy requires allowing Blacks to vote

Hire the criminals

Hunger strikes and what they're supposed to accomplish

“ICE Colossus” (after the Petrarchan sonnet by Emma Lazarus)

Ivanka Trump's knowledge gap not that scornworthy

Jobs not bestowed by the rich but sustained by the middle class

Judges' decisions: can the public competently judge their correctness?

Kanye didn't mean what people thought he meant

Kent State:  looking back to 1970

Labels "Afro-American" and "mentally retarded" fall out of favor

Lock them up! (the state Attorney General and the three Orie sisters)

Lonesomeness due to limited gatherings, especially in Blue areas

"Make America Great Again" used to mean "as it was in the 1800s"

Mayor of the future:  Natalia Rudiak

Meaning of "concerned"

Meaning of "miscegenation"

Mencken predicted MAGA

Military recruiting ad is not attractive to me but repulsive

Misinformation resists correction; Obama remains "Muslim"

MLK Junior (at Oberlin) and Senior

MLK listens to LBJ on TV

Moon is not part of Mars; that's not what Trump meant

Nationalism?  Other lands have sunlight too; love does not boast

Newt Gingrich is a quitter

Polar living is our future as we consume everything we can reach

Politicians' true job is not legislating, it's getting re-elected

Politicians and deficits:  Sometimes they care, sometimes not

Politicians are all narcissists, cops are all bullies

Population of America has doubled since the first Earth Day

Population of the world has tripled in my lifetime

Population isn't growing locally because births are down

Proud man, inciting hatred

Raise the gasoline tax!

Raises for officials aren't excessive in the larger picture

Refusing to stand for the Doxology as a protest?

Republican states are "red," Democratic states "blue."  Why?

Research is one thing, "your own research" is another

Revenue bills must start in the House of Representatives.  Why?

Ronald Reagan bombing Russia?  Dan Rather not questioning?  I object!

School funding and test scores

Sexism, if fearful and hostile, assumes strong women are lying demons

Shaking hands and kissing babies:  no longer cool

Shooting things?  Not for me, and not to overthrow the government

Teabonics:  the lanaguage of ou’r hard-wroking rougues and mavricks

Teachers' strikes in Pennsylvania accomplish nothing

Ten thousand lies

Texas law allows almost anyone to carry a gun

Trump as the rich new ruler who visits Jesus

Trump fans resemble wrestling fans

Trump favored by many low-info voters, so the GOP can't reject him

Trump is one problem; his fans should listen to their better angels

Trump's plans for Day One

"Under votes" are not evidence of fraud

Veterans are committing suicide

Voting your pocketbook, or the greater good?

Wake up!  They're shoving their ideas down our throats!

War on education is being waged by Republicans

War on marriage, if any, isn't being waged by gays

Wars declared by Presidents?  Involuntary servitude?

Washington to Rhode Island: "All possess a like liberty of conscience"

We are not the world — other nations' unvaxxed and CO2 dwarf ours

"We have more will than wallet"?

"We will bury you!"

Why sit in a courtroom?

Your vote, by itself, doesn't matter

Zero sum?  More freedom for them means less for us?  No