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Opinion (language)

Adjectives must follow prescribed order

Ambiguity: A sentence that can be taken two ways

Ambiguity: Bass

Ambiguity: Headline kills more

Ambiguity: Puzzle-protest story

Ambiguity: Triple sign in Cleveland

Ambiguity: Your money is no good here

Anachronisms: Dialing, choo-choos, sets

Announcers' copy should be punctuated, with upper & lower case

Antecedents are important on radio; don't keep repeating a pronoun

Apostrophe decoding fails

“Are you okay?” appears in every script

Arial  rn  looks like  m

Bitter herbs and wedding soup

Branding and corporate passwords

Changing cliches

Closed captioning has an English-only policy?

Computer keyboards need a Shift Lock

Crossword constructor crosses his I's

Crossword puzzle solutions yield clever rhymes

Dos Equis does not mean Two Horses

E requires four strokes of my pen; I'm exhausted

Enroughty's family name

EVOO probably is safe to consume

Explanations vs excuses

“First annual” vs the grammar police

Forgetten: Judy's last name; what could it be?

French's mustard has nothing to do with faithless France

Greek "-cles" names such as Bicycles and Icicles

French is wordy

Hilary or Hillary?

Hyperbole that's hated:  I'm starving, it's freezing in here, etc.

Illeism is when Caesar says "Caesar will not be moved"

Initials define names in my mind

Insults in Germany included Ignatz and Nahtzy

Introducing oneself as a food item produces puzzlement

Jane Austen vs Jane Eyre: which is which?

"J.J. Doe" = John Lee Doe, Junior

Languages I've used in titles on my home page

Last names for pets

Last names for women are sometimes maintained after marriage

Lego ego?  Galil-ego!

Line's engaged

Longest word in the dictionary

Luxembourg woman's pronouns are "it" and "it"

Mare-jot Row-bee, the actress

Meaning of "passive-aggressive"

Meaning of "Toledo blade"

Names that parents invent for their kids, especially weird in Utah

Neil Armstrong's "one small step fruh man"

Other words we use for "get"

"Over" his head was a pillow

Past tense of "sneak" is what?

Phonetic alphabet Ay Boh Cee Doo might be easier for kids

Pinking shears

Preferred pronouns ("they" for one person) are confusing

Pronouncable corporate names

Pronouncable corporate names, part two

Pronouncing "Benedum"

Pun from Greenland, 986 A.D.

"Question" intonation at the end of every spoken sentence?

Quick brown fox is slower than Quartz black sphinx

Quote the speaker only after identifying him

Ralph Fiennes, real quick!

Receptacle sticker offers a free car

Reindeer names, chosen but forgotten

Repeating a story once every several years is okay

Rosetta Stone led to decoding ancient hieroglyphics

Russian can be deciphered sometimes

S on the end of some words is almost always required

"Set:" a word with manifold meanings

"Shortlived:" is that a short i or a long i?

Shruggie emoji finally makes sense

"Snow" and "ship" can be represented by many different nouns

Sign language misconstrued


Six-packs?  Two-packs?  Cases?  I'm confused

"Smucker's" has to be good

Sneezing used to be "fnesing"

Spell-check dictionary: be careful about adding to it

Spinning class

Splitting a sentence confuses the reader

Stressing words when reading aloud

Telling time:  is it "ten-oh-four p.m." or merely "ten-four"?

"That" can't always be omitted

They (comedian Sarah Mowrey) prefers to be called "them"

"TR" is now pronounced "SH"??

Tucson or Tuscon?

"Twelve plus one" equals "eleven plus two"

Vacuum contains three syllables

Virgin olive oil?  Extra virgin?  What does that mean?

Wendsd'y and other vocal transpositions

West, Texas, is in east Texas.  North East, PA, is in northwest PA.

Whoo's there?  Whoo's there?  If not understood, use different words 

Why see a law firm?  YCL Law Firm

Wind:  should it always be pronounced "wined"?

Word wordwelds welds, and other obvious outcomes

"You are not wrong" is the new way to say "This is true"

Yukon Huskies, Don Francisco:  their real names