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In my files are a couple of letters that I wrote as A Literate Six-Year-Old.  But that was only the beginning.  Later on, I kept carbon copies of my letters to friends.

One of those friends, Jenny Wagner, found my behavior weird.  But it later enabled me to relive those years online.

I've edited my letters from 1965-2013 to form a sort of diary of that era, arranged not only chronologically but also thematically in the following topical "threads."

Alma Mater  Studying hard; other college observations
Sportscaster  Play-by-play leads to sports director
Broadcaster  Then I become WOBC station director

The Non-Threat Spiral  Exploring religious denominations
Leaving Oberlin College  And missing WOBC
My Father's Dealership  Working in the office

Apollo on the Moon  Watching the landing; a moon rock
Protest and Viet Nam  Draft physical; dealing with demonstrations
The Lonely Guy  Halfhearted longing for romance

A Sojourn in Syracuse  Surviving winter in our snowiest city
Radio & TV at Syracuse  Course details; student productions
WAER in Syracuse  Chief announcer for two months

Rally!  A motor sport for nerds
Benchmark Series  Trips to NYC, DC, and Rochester
Still Living at Home  Miscellany, including a puzzle

Marion CATV  My first real job
Returning to WOBC  Visiting Oberlin as an alumnus
Washington Channels  Local cable TV in the mid-1970s

My First Apartment  In Washington, Pennsylvania
Early 70s Miscellany Washington TV shows, a tricky rally, and “love”
Vacations with Parents  From Phoenix to Plains, Georgia

My Father and Me  More travel, after my mother's death
Science and Computers  And calculators, graphs, and more
TV3 New Kensington  Local cable starts inserting ads into ESPN

Total Communications  I become a TV sports graphics operator
Freelancing  1988-89: Adventures in television
The Nineties  1990-93: More adventures take me to Tokyo

I'm Still On the Road  1994-95: Rusty town, blood pressure, rock & roll
Atlanta and After  1996-98: Olympics, Fox Sports Net, more travel
Now an Orphan  1999-2001: My father dies; 9/11; Ohio memories

End of a Century  Brayett, Mitch Miller, football, baseball, hockey
Century XXI  2002-2009: Santa Monica tennis, Buffalo hockey, HS football
The Teens  2010-2013: Hockey in French, Division II hoops in California