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My Experiences

Adolescent angst: Norm Macdonald's story; think about good instead

Apollo 11 as I watched it 50 years ago

Baccalaureate Day 1965 photo of yours truly

Barber finally sees me, after a yer of social distancing

Body work required after tall truck doesn't see my car

Bright indoor lighting overcomes winter darkness

Car-assembling board game from 1954

Car is identical to someone else's car, including rare red color

Caroling mannequins in Cambridge

Christmas:  a happy time, but so was the rest of the year

Christmas 1955:  in front of the tree with my saxophone

Coffee of the instant variety is good enough for me

Concerts by popular performers?  I've attended only three

Curling my toes may help me maintain my balance?

Curling up on the couch in front of the TV

Delivering new cars in the 50s involves boats and planes

Doctor is alarmed when I finally lose weight, but tests come back okay

Earnings by year, charted over my lifetime

Falling causes a brief gap in my memory

February blizzards: a brief one in 2005, and avoiding 1979

Feet are outgrowing my shoes

Fictional characters: who's most like me?

"Flair" electric range is well-designed

Forgetful old men

Galion Historian publishes my article on Ohio tax stamps

Gathering dandelions, asparagus, and hickory nuts

Geri Thomas, who lives with me (according to mailing lists)

"Ghost tour" in a nearby cemetery

Heat got to me when I was five months old, so I'm told

Heating the house on Hoskins Pike required shoveling coal

H.F. Thomas introduces me to the electric razor

High blood pressure declines in warmer weather?

Hot beaches are not my ideal destination

Income-tax forms

Indoors is where I'll stay for 72 hours; it's cold out there!

Kids are home?  How terrible!

"Kitchen Mama" opens cans; ghee replaces butter

Lamb and mutton:  I used to like it, now I can't taste it

Lox and bagels for me

Lex Mayers Chevrolet advertises in 1961

Mail voting works, though I get letters for other Thomases

Mar-A-Lago: did I visit before Donald Trump bought it?

Memory for names fades as we age, says Ken Jennings

Mighty Mouse inspired me as a young boy

Migraines can disrupt my speech or give me an aura

Mr. Potato Head

New Year's 1959:  watching the Rose Parade

Parakeet is made happy, thereby making me happy

Peter Pan on Disney's big screen: Too violent for six-year-old me?

Photographing Grandma's house with a balky Polaroid

Pillbox filling seems like a ceremony

Plymouth Rock, 3½ centuries later

Police chief's death and funeral processon are near my home

Rabbits in my yard hang out by my car, watch me unload the trunk

Reader's Digest for our 1958 vacation trip

Room of my own, room for my theoretical wife, room for "guests"

Rubber band replacement time

Shampoo shield promises no more child's tears

Slicing onions with a mandoline

Soda or pop:  our family didn't use either term

Spray-on holiday "snow" brightens as the world outside dims

Texarkana is more than a mile from Louisiana

"They" know where I live, almost

Tommy Thomas Orchestra in State Fair movie

Walking may require a new method

Weather affects my plans for when to eat lunner

Weight now down to 170 pounds