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Road & Car Designs

Accelerating gradually:  jets on runways, my car on entrance ramps

All roads lead to Freeport

Bridge at Pittsburgh's "front door" is challenge to drivers

Bridges now bear peoples' names, but I prefer the old numbers

Car colors have lost their diversity

Car door unlocking:  hold the key fob to your chin?

Changing into a lane that someone else is also changing into

Computers should be more like cars, not vice versa

Detour of 18 miles due to closed bridge near me

Detour's jammed; here's a 50-mile alternate, only takes an hour

"Do Not Enter" sign ought to be "Keep Right"

“Double Crosssover Merging Interchange” explained

Double traffic circles encountered on my way to a restaurant

Electric car clip-clops along

Falling hillsides near the 80th meridian

Fire hydrant next to parking space

Hill-climbing lanes for trucks should continue past the crest of the hill

Left turns into a choice of possible lanes result in confusion

Locating "Scott Township" and a closed bridge

Merging into traffic sometimes requires special swerves

Moving roadblock:  me driving the speed limit on a narrow road

Navigating by advance research requires no GPS

Niagara Falls?  Exit now!!!  (For information, that is.)

Pedestrians trigger light to cross busy road

Right-turn and no-right-turn signs disagree

Roads are sometimes named for their destination cities

Sharing city streets without lines or signs or signals

Scoot across the bench seat and use the passenger door

Self-identified "good drivers" may not be what I consider good

Signs:  No trucks!  Kids eschew the sidewalks here!

South Avenue in Haysville is very narrow

Steepest street in continental U.S. can be found in Pittsburgh

Stop signs get ignored

Touring car from about 1906 encountered on the street

Trunks in cars can be impractically large

Volkswagen swerves into ditch, cops arrive