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Miscellaneous Designs

Abbreviation OTD means what, Optical Transient Detector?

Airports marked on Google Earth may no longer exist

"Arby" might mean R.B. which might mean Roast Beef

Arial font puts clains on the menu

Backtime your tasks in order to arrive on schedule

Beeps and lights on devices:  why not words?

Bullets of silver, lead, or depleted uranium

Can opener, electric, requires an assist from can opener, manual

Casement windows in 1962 and 2016

Church tower, from this angle, looks puzzled

Coffeemakers in hotel rooms are now more efficient

Confounderate currency

Currency need not be kept rightside-up

Currency:  in summer, I need more small bills

Deciphering a word on my to-do list

Dictionaries describe words but don't prescribe their use

Dirigible goes up to film eclipse; another dirigible crashes

Dishes last forever

Dollar bills accumulate, so collect in packets of five

Double spaces after periods are still my typing preference

DVR facilitates my TV-watching

Eliza, an early computer program, poses as a psychologist

Fine print on dumpling box is hard to read

Fireplace in my apartment is a TV screen

Font called "Aptos" can distinguish capital I from lower-case l

"Frail" is a basket, or a girl

Garum: sauce for fish, or sauce from fish?

Giant screen for Jesus Christ Superstar in huge arena

Googling a certain phrase leads to this website and no others

Gutenberg and movable type:  did he ever run out of Qs?

Home page of this website, April 2002

Hotel suites could become mini-theatres

Internet replaces clerks, home libraries

"Jumble" puzzle on TV, I object, is incorrectly designed

Katselas house design draws comments

Keyboard wiggling doesn't vary the sound, except sometimes

Kids can't be counted on to remain in the same seats in a restaurant

Lanterns no longer need kerosene

Las Vegas development squeezes 170 look-alike houses into 40 acres

Mirror is used to produce so-called "hologram"

Noodle-bowl preparation time is longer than advertised

Opening containers with a "church key"

Opening glass jars can be a struggle

Page jumps can be annoying in newspapers and magazines

Pennies have been redesigned, but let's round to the nearest 10¢ instead

Pho from miscellaneous ingredients

Pneumatic tube crosses the creek

Point and call, then do, to reduce errors.

Pop-tops don't work if the popper pops off the top

Port/starboard, left/right, red/green: which is which?

Postage stamps that are good forever; trapezoidal envelopes

Power!  That's the American way, not "electricity" or "feed"

Robot from 1893 turns out to be a fake

Safety seals protect Tylenol and macadamias

Sandwiches from Arby's come in eight-label wrappers

Searching online for obscure facts about John Ingersoll

Smokestacks fall, with scary video

Smokestacks fall within my hearing

SpinLaunch plans to catapult first stages of rockets

Spreadsheet tracks timing of TV program segments

Spreadsheet trick: temporarily misspell a repeated word

Syracuse staircase landing could be a thrust stage

Temperature graph for weather forecasts

Trains crash in Ohio at Ashtabula, Kipton, and Buckeye Park

Updating a document without forgetting any items

Vinegar, diluted to the beverage "posca," for the crucified man

Warning on a flash-drive package