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My Broadcast Experiences

A TV "camera" from 1961; a similar-looking camera on the moon

Barcelona in southeast Spain, or northeast?

Beastie Boys perform at Beach, Daytona

Bleeping engineer Jude Clifford would be overwhelmed

Bob Braun's father, and Bob

Bright lights on Broadway for the Tony Awards, courtesy of me

Broadcasting & Cable among expiring subscriptions

Carol Collings, a former colleague, still working on SNL

Channel “4” has at least eight other numbers

Cold weather outside the TV truck, but also inside

College basketball offers me 35 televised games tomorrow

Comcast's complex On Demand menu

Comcast now brings me 159 unique channels, 34 of them HD

Condensed fonts:  mixing them with regular fonts to save space

Cronkite at age 20 had the same job as I

Dirk Kruger remembered

Dizzy Dean "slood" into third

Don't put me in the credits

Dreaming of problem-solving at my former studios

DVR congestion:  29 six-packs of episodes

DVR facilitates my TV-watching

Edie wasn't right for Pandora

"Fantastic Fred" wraps up his career at Providence College

Fantastic plot premises leave me cold

Fifteen artworks a second:  how could digital TV cope with that?

Flying?  None since 2007 for me

George Gobel's 1950s show remembered

Harding High School band pre-empted by Cosell

HBO Boxing no longer needs my services, nor anyone else's

High school football "broadcasting" debut is NUHS debut, 1965

Holographic TV is in the future; my concept was in 1960

Kobes:  remembering Mike Kobik

Korinna Bold font for baseball graphics and Jeopardy

Letterman's studio doors on 53rd Street:  I peek inside

Line painters are unimportant?

Lists:  oldest first, or most recent first?

Marion's "43302" e-magazine includes me

Marty Aronoff, longtime sports statistician

McLean Stevenson's famous cousin

Message channel will be retired

Microphone oddity for Groucho and me

Monitor wall from a 2013 Steelers telecast

Never font the President!  Okay, once I almost did

Old photos: tips for using them on TV

Oldest listener to Movie B.S. is yours truly

Over-the-shoulder headshots retouched from the newspaper, 1971

Parade-telecasting techniques

Pentagon gets buzzed by my airplane

Phillies vs Pirates 5/10/20 would have been my last game

Photos at Three Rivers Stadium truck in 2000

Pitt Stadium

Pregame shows should avoid cute/misleading titles like Game Time

Presque Isle is not an isle if it's in northern Maine

Pretending as a child that my life is being televised

Providing context for statistics

Pylon answers fans' question: "When is this going to be on?"

Radio play-by-play man's great-niece hears his voice on this website

ROOT Sports becomes AT&T SportsNet

Scenic clips of Confederate monuments might be inappropriate

Scorebug errors on a high school football telecast

Specialization in TV production jobs

Spreadsheet tracks timing of TV program segments

Staying awake to TV requires a story like Air Disasters

Stylized headshots of newsmakers

"Sunday Driver" tours the farms outside town

Syracuse University graduates excellent sportscasters

Transfer type; Bud Hedinger lands a video tape "on the moon"

TV is becoming less tapeworthy

TV production trucks:  Rows of computers

TV satisfies me without 3D or 4K

Vin Scully's right-hand man Boyd Robertson

Washington lady gets phone calls intended for an 800 number

Weather word

Working half as hard and earning twice as much

Wrestling in England?  SummerSlam 1992?  I'm there!