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Broadcasting in General

3D TV from The Masters in April 2010

A $64,000 moment

Anchors' intros to reporters' intros to reporters' stories

Asian graphics may require backgrounds with a taller aspect ratio

Audiences are aging at the same rate as traditional TV networks

Audiences laugh even if we misread the joke from the teleprompter

Audio from 16mm film is muddy (with beagles Him and Her)

Audio of Big Bang Theory airing begins with no dialogue, only laughter

Awards to sitcom characters; future award for mRNA vaccine?

Backdrops for TV could have been minimal rather than realistic

Bands can be televised with many cameras, or with one

Baseball on radio has to go to commercial in a hurry

Beethoven instrumentals from 1801 and 1808 turn up in commercials

Bingo arrives on ABC-TV

Burns and Allen Show goofy moment

Cable TV channel numbers expand to four digits

Captioning can sometimes be unintelligible

Captioning explains what's happening in a commercial

Captioning is apparently prerecorded on Saturday Night Live

CBS is not CVS

Characters call each other by name excessively

Circus TV; re-pairing a basketball doubleheader

Closeups nowadays are not that close up

Color bars: seven hues from three primary colors

Commercial clutter on a radio morning show

Commercial copy for psoriasis and propane

Commercials change dramatically once the election is over

Commercials for competitors back-to-back?

Commercials include disclaimers too compressed to be understood

Communication when you can't respond

Conan and Cardozo

Debates like Kennedy/Nixon were better without a cheering audience

Dialogue on TV episodes always includes a certain question

Digital switchover now on staggered schedule; might be a good thing

Dollar amounts aren't spoken; instead, characteres write notes

Donnie Iris turns 75, looking better than a body has a right to

Fading to black between TV segments is standard — usually

Fans could attend games via Zoom

Film and video images once were easy to tell apart

Fog in football stadiums could be adjusted out of the camera video

Fonts getting squeezed compared to adjacent fonts (pet peeve)

Football TV should concentrate on the players, not the coaches

Fox Box has added more information, some via symbols

"Fulton" not laughed at in radio comedy

Giving the score is out of fashion for TV announcers

Graphics were primitive on TV in 1962 and 1952

Grease Live assistant director calls the choreographed shots

HD radio can be eight seconds out of sync

Headline News almost announces a tragedy that didn't happen

Headset orientation for booth announcers

Honkus, Debbie:  award winner

How I Met Your Mother final scene

Jo Stafford sings "And LOVE ... cn'come to ev'ryone"

Jubies and bummage

Larger fonts are easier to read, duh

Laugh tracks:  why not screen the show for a real audience?

"Lay out!"  In other words, it's a home run, so stop talking

Le Batard's name doesn't mean what it means

Liberty Mutual's "Lee-moo" ought to be pronounced "Limm-yew"

Literal-minded cameramen

Mandalorian fails to win an Emmy; so what's a mandalorian?

Marathon presentations of TV series episodes

Mary Tyler Moore and my recollection of a single woman in the 70s

"Mast cam" provides good location for televising 3D sports

Memory of faces doesn't always connect to surnames

Menu boards with movable letters once used for TV graphics

Microphone on host's desk isn't even wired up

Minicams for news coverage are getting even smaller

Mistakes in the telecast of a horse race, with likely explanations

Mister Rogers gets a scary statue

Mockumentaries:  Pay no attention to the fictional cameramen

Monk gets good numbers but not good demographics

Munich 1972:  No translator available

NASCAR on TV, says Mike Joy, is better nowadays

NEP's fleet of remote units for the Super Bowl

New Girl makes me wonder?  Jess!  Sí, sí!

News story from 1960 as I remember it

Nichols & May classic inspires Garrison Keillor

Oscars 2015 and non-terrible music

Oscars 2017 and the wrong (but almost unreadable) envelope

Paar's censored "WC" story, leading him to walk off the Tonight show

Penguin wedding on Parks and Recreation

Podcasts sometimes need to be paused for better comprehension

Predicta:  the Edsel of television sets

Presenters, include the viewer in your conversation

Presidents quit in 1968 and 1974:  my recollections

Price Is Right dates back to 1956

Radio music once had more variety

Raymond and Cool Kids titles lose meaning after the first episode

Refs and umps tell sportscasters what officially happened

Scripts that interleave three story lines

Season-ending episodes should be identified, especially cliffhangers

Seats for guests may be lower than seats for interviewers

Set designers always seem to raise the entry door

Shandling's Show interacts with Michael Dukakis and Jon Stewart

Sitcom characters we never saw

Sitcom uses outdated joke references

Soap opera that my grandmother watched goes off the air

'Splainin'?  I can explain everything

Split-screen audio

Sponsorship:  1950 product placement, 1960 billboards

Stats should be side-by-side for easier comparison

Stedicam operator covers the winning driver from all angles

Studio sets and moving parts

"SunRides Earth" tours a national park in Maine

Super Bowl XLII inside the TV trucks

Switching cameras and calling a WVU game from a Connecticut studio

Synching live radio with live video

Tabernacle Choir produces its annual Christmas program

Theatre on Broadway installs video screen in 1931

"Touch of Evil" and "The Dish"

Travolta's goof at the Oscars is unnoticed by me

TV closed-captioning goofs

TV movies are 37% commercials

TV shows that invite you to leave them?

TV sports ratings indicate the game's quality, not the production's

Two-strip Technicolor in silent movies; other updates

Using ancient Shatner footage

Viewers of a TV station are not its customers

Volume down on TV leads to chirping and XXXX captions

Wall-mounted camera for the Pope

Watergate's John Dean (from Marion, Ohio) is portrayed on Starz

WDVE abandons me for three weeks at the holidays

Web addresses in radio ads need to be spelled out

Welles' War of the Worlds panic?  Less than newspapers implied

“Why?  But why?”  Questions in documentaries keep our interest

Widescreen TV on the wall — in 1966

Wide Wide World and Dave Garroway's squeaking globe

Winter preparations inexplicably take over half of mid-November newcast

WLW introduces color to Cincinnati TV:  Ruth Lyons, Hayride, baseball

Yvonne Strahovski's two front teeth