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Ann's Beef Stew
Added to site June 12, 2001

Background:  My mother gave this recipe to Thelma Beeney, whom she knew through activities at the First Methodist Church in Richwood.

When Thelma's daughter Brenda Beeney Frank (Richwood High School class of 1964) saw my website, she wrote me, "I think of your Mom often, every time I make 'Ann's Beef Stew,' the best.  Would you like the recipe for your website?"

Well, yes, I would.  Recipes were one of the things that I didn't keep when I brought boxes of mementoes over to Pennsylvania.  I wasn't interested in them, because I don't cook.  But for those of you who do, here it is.

1½ lb. beef stew meat

1 cup tomatoes, juice, or sauce

2 beef bouillon cubes

1 cup water

3 tablespoons tapioca

1 teaspoon salt

Vegetables as desired (potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, lima beans, corn, peas, cabbage are good)

Brown cubed beef in small amount of fat.  Add vegetables and bake in 250-degree oven 5 or 6 hours without stirring.

More Background:  Some additional memories of my mother's cooking are here.

In the story about my March 2003 organ recital, I recalled, "After the morning service, we gathered in the church basement for lunch, featuring chicken sandwiches.  For as long as I can remember, these sandwiches have been part of community meals in Richwood (like tuna casseroles in Lake Wobegon), but I've never encountered them anywhere else.  They're sort of like Southern barbecue sandwiches but without the spicy sauce:  just shredded chicken on a bun."

Terry Rockhold e-mailed me:

"Glad to hear that they still are serving the sandwiches.  They were always my favorites!  You are wrong, though.  They are more than just shredded chicken on a bun.  Would you believe Ritz crackers?  I was shocked when I found that out.

"Connie Jordan Hill (Spencer's sister) sent me this recipe in January.  I tried them even though I am not much of a cook, and they were pretty good!  Like you, I have never found them anywhere else."

Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

2 cans of chicken with liquid* 

1 can of cream of chicken soup 

Town House or Ritz crackers - approx. 2-3 "tubes", crushed

1-2 soup cans of water (to the consistency that you prefer)

1-2 tablespoons butter (optional)

Add in order given, cook/simmer for at least an hour.  Enjoy!

* You can cook a chicken, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, mixed pieces ... any parts ... cook till falls off bone, cool, then remove from bone (it will "shred" on its own.)  I just think buying the canned chicken is much easier and faster, and results are the same.



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