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From time to time on my home page, I've promoted an article using a picture that didn't appear in the article itself.  Then, the following month, I created a new home page, and that picture was no longer accessible.  It's still in cyberspace, but you can't access it unless you know its Web address.

After innumerous requests, I've brought those old images back from oblivion.  Click here for images from 2001 through 2004, or scroll down on this page for more recently featured images.

Note:  In most cases, clicking on a picture will take you to the related article.



I started college as a member of a Methodist youth group.  As we explored our feelings about religion, including other denominations, the group evolved into "The Non-Threat Spiral."

MAY 2005

My speech as the valedictorian of the Richwood High School class of 1965, revisited after 40 years.

JUNE 2005

The year was 1935, in the depths of the Great Depression.  My great-grandmother Mary Curtis Buckingham was now 84 years old.  (This picture may have been taken a few years earlier.)

A widow since 1908, Mary had continued living on the family farm on Curtis Ridge while all her children moved away except for her daughter Lizzie.  Then Lizzie died in 1932.

Mary decided she'd have to sell the farm, including 38 head of livestock, a buggy, a surrey, two stoves, three rugs, and "other articles too numerous to mention."  Click the photo to see the handbill announcing the public sale.


JULY 2005

On August 28, 1966, my father brought my mother and me to his 40th high school reunion (left) in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Four decades later, I attended my own 40th and took a few pictures.



The black and white snapshot, from the summer of 1956, shows me at the Port of New Orleans ... a city that I would have to flee 42 years later as a hurricane approached.

The photo below appears to have been taken in 2003 from a low-flying airplane above State Route 47 on the east side of Richwood, Ohio.

Just left of center, a car sits in the blacktopped driveway beside the dark-roofed house that my family built in 1962.

But the image actually comes from an orbiting satellite, courtesy of the Google Earth program.


On top of our family's television set four decades ago, a pair of Christmas candles were saluted by a pair of porcelain herald angels with their trumpets.

Polaroid photo taken by candlelight about 1964, colorized 2005.

Click here for another view of the angels.

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Actor Howard Hesseman warns of the approaching judgment day on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on CBS-TV, December 15, 1968.



A few inches of snow has almost shut down the business district of Cambridge, Ohio, in this photo taken 66 winters ago in front of the dealership where my father worked.  The car (apparently a 1939 Chevrolet with 1940 license plates) is parked on Wheeling Avenue, facing west towards Tenth Street and the movie theater beyond.


APRIL 2006

As part of my TV work in 1994 and 1995, I was on the HBO crew for a major rock concert.

The venue, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, isn't there any more.


JULY 2006

Dr. Vincent Ialenti teaches broadcasting nowadays.  But one night when we were both graduate students at Syracuse University, he inflicted upon radio listeners his "Annette Funicello Dance Festival & Retrospective."



My high school classmate Terry Rockhold died September 20, 2006.  He's shown here in a picture that I took in 1964 and colorized in 2006.

If you search this website, you'll find more than three dozen articles where Terry is mentioned.



In 1999, this gentleman appeared in commercials patterned after a TV show that I remember from my youth.

Click here for images from 2001 through 2004.


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